Ask yourself these questions, before you buy your next vacuum!

If you are tired of average vacuums that break down all the  time, you should consider buying a vacuum from a “floor care professional” like Midwest Vacuums…. that actually knows about the vacuums they sell.  These are some things that you should consider when you rationalize about vacuum cleaners


1. Would you buy your next car from a donut shop? So, why would you consider buying a vacuum from a department store that sells clothing?

2. Would you consider buying a car from a car dealer that didn’t service what they sold? Department stores definitely don’t fix vacuums.

3. If you purchased a vacuum from a “big box” store, would the associate demonstrate how to properly use your vacuum? At Midwest Vacuum we do that for you.

4. In your kitchen, do you use a bag-less garbage can, or do you put a bag in it first? Most consumers think  they want  they want bag-less vacuums, but normally end up switching back to bagged vacuum within 2-3 years.

5. When you purchase a “major appliance” shouldn’t they last 10+ years before you should have to replace them? How come its more acceptable to replace vacuums every 2-4 years? At Midwest Vacuums we sell vacuums that to last 10 + years of good service.