Bagged vacuums vs. Bagless

Why are bagless vacuums so popular these days?


Remember when parachute pants were very popular back in the 80’s? would you where them if you had them, probably not. But it just seemed cool at the time, right! Design, marketing & logistics has made it very possible to get anything from anywhere these days, but it doesn’t make it any more reliable or better than the old Levi jeans. …….the same holds true to vacuums believe it or not.  Most of the vacuums that are purchased in warehouse clubs are built for disposal, not for repair.

The hottest category is definitely bag-less uprights. Last year in the USA, 80% of vacuum sales were uprights and most of them were bag-less ones. 

So what is the fascination with this category? In my opinion, people that do the cleaning want to see what a great job they just did now, and seeing is believing right? Not exactly, the way the see-through canister is fabricated and setup it actually “puffs up” the dirt & debris to give you the “illusion” that you just did a great job vacuuming.  In fact, more than 80% of the total production cost to bring a “bag-less” vacuum to the market is spent on the marketing aspect, not the construction of the vacuum itself.

If you go into a vacuum shop today, look for a quality built vacuum that you haven’t heard of, there is a good chance that the company that you know relatively nothing about, probably hired real engineers to design and construct a remarkable product.  This is why a “floor care specialist” probably has it!