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Canister Vacuums

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Canister vacuums are a great choice for those looking to clean multiple surfaces around the home, and desire a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaners are much lighter than upright vacuum cleaners, and easier to transport around the house. Like uprights, canister vacuum cleaners clean a variety of surfaces and come with several tools and vacuum attachments. Canister vacuums consist of a small, lightweight tank that houses the motor, HEPA filter and storage bag. The tank on wheels to make transporting it even easier. Connected to the canister vacuum tank is a long, flexible hose and swivel nozzle extension that traps dust and dirt.

Canister Vacuum Cleaning Surfaces

Canister vacuum cleaners can clean any surface. A standard canister vacuum has a cleaning path width from 12 to 15 inches and is the ideal vacuum selection for homes with more than 50% of floor space covered in hardwood. They offer advantages such as ease of portability, and the ability to reach those impossible-to-reach crevices.
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Cleaning Hardwoods

Canister vacuums clean the hardwood surface better than the ever popular upright vacuums and are gaining ground because of popular advantages such as tough-cleaning extensions and ease of portability. The power head brush roll featured on our canister vacuums allows the canister to function like an upright vacuum, yet be turned off so bare floors can be safely cleaned. Navigate your way around your hardwoods floors through the canister vacuum swivel nozzle, and the tank will easily follow your path.

Vacuuming Carpets

Canister vacuums also do a great job on carpets. For vacuuming carpets, Midwest Vacuums offers models that have a power brush nozzle. The brush roll and other attachments can get out all sorts of dirt and grime that hide in your carpets. The canister also houses a bag that will make disposing of the dirt safe and sanitary.
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Vacuuming Furniture and Stairs

The canister vacuum is a great option for those looking to remove pet hair and other dirt from upholstery, furniture and stairs. Because of the ease of portability, the canister vacuum is great for vacuuming all over the house. Guide the long extension hose over your couch cushions, stairs, drapery, blinds and ceiling fans. Your furniture will be cleaned in no time, and with ease.

Cleaning around the House

If you have several tables and chairs that are difficult to clean beneath, consider using a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums are also handy when cleaning shelving. Often times, even with the best attachments, upright vacuums have difficulty reaching all of the way under the table legs and narrow spaces. A canister vacuum makes cleaning underneath those hard-to-reach areas simple. Just put a wand or crevise tool at the end of your canister vacuum hose, and you’ll collect all of the dust and dirt around the house.
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Canister Vacuum Attachments

Common canister vacuum attachments include dusting brushes and bare floor brushes. These tools ensure that as you use your canister vacuum, you will receive optimal cleaning. We also carry wands and crevise tools, car kits and pet hair kits that allow you to clean anything with your canister vacuum.

Canister Vacuums HEPA filter systems

Our Canister Vacuums come with a True-HEPA filter system that will cut down on allergens in the home. For those with allergies, a canister vacuum is a great option. HEPA filtration systems ensure that 99% of the air coming into the vacuum won’t leak back into the air. The pollutants, dirt, dust, mites and other germs collected by the canister vacuum will stay in the bag, and disposed of safely.
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How to Use a Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums offer an option for those looking for a good vacuum that isn’t as heavy as an upright vacuum. Canister vacuums are not pushed like uprights, and instead follow you as you move around the house. The canisters come with wheels so that the vacuum tank can follow you as you clean. Guide the swivel nozzle across your floor, and the canister will roll behind you. Picking up the canister is not necessary unless you’re transporting the canister or cleaning stairs.

Choosing a Canister Vacuum

As you decide on a canister vacuum cleaner, it’s important to ask about each feature of the canister vacuum, as not all canister vacuums come with an electric power head. Also, think through what surfaces you will need to clean so that you can get a canister vacuum with all of the needed vacuum attachments.

When looking to purchase a canister vacuum, we also recommend a car kit so that the vacuum can also be used when cleaning automobiles.

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