Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Midwest Vacuums offers carpet cleaning services in the Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas for commercial and residential areas. As Kansas City carpet cleaners, we’re specialists in getting floors free of dust and dirt. Our team uses the best vacuums and steam cleaners to get your carpets clean and renewed. If your carpets are looking worn down, or dirty, based on high foot traffic, call us to professionally clean the carpets.

Why Professionally Clean your Carpets?

We’ve seen dozens of customers bring their steam cleaners into our shop, only to find them rusted and worn down (and only after 6 uses or so!) We’ve also seen customers ruin their carpets because the store-bought carpet cleaners didn’t have enough suction to soak up all of the water. We advise customers who desire clean carpets to invest in professional services rather than cheaper appliances that don’t have lasting durability. Your carpets will be cleaner, and you’ll save money in the long run, by having them professionally cleaned.

This is the machine we use to professionally clean carpets.

Kansas City Carpet Cleaning Services

We have two locations in the Kansas City area: Waldo and Lee’s Summit.  We professionally clean commercial and residential carpets. We have a careful process that ensures us that your floors will get a thorough cleaning job.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection.

When we arrive to your home, we’ll walk through your rooms and inspect the areas of concern, as well as carpet construction and soiling concerns. We’ll advise you of any possible permanent staining.

2. Commercial Pre-Vacuum.

We’ll vacuum your carpet with a commercial vacuum cleaner to removed any bonded dry soil. Your vacuum will get a great run-through, lifting dirt from the carpet before the water treatment. This is one of the most important steps in carpet cleaning.

3. Furniture Moving.

For liability purposes, we do not move furniture. Please make sure all items are removed prior to your appointment.

4. Pre-Spray.

We pre-treat any soiled areas and spots with an organic pre-spray so that your carpet cleaning is more effective in removing soil and spots.

5. Extract & Rinse

Once the dirt has been loosened, we use our state-of-the-art portable hot water extraction process and thoroughly flush the carpet with an organic rinsing agent. We use pressure and heat, and regulate the levels carefully, so that your carpet is not over-saturated.


Carpet Cleaning Prices

3 rooms* & 1 hallway professionally cleaned for $179.95

Each additional room is $49.95

Stairs are $2.50/stair – landing steps only.

(You must remove any furnishings and furniture from the room.)

* Up to 800 sq. foot cleaned, single areas are considered up to 200 sq. feet or less.

To schedule an appointment for professional carpet cleaning, please contact us.