Commercial Central Vacuums

Light Commercial Central Vacuum Systems

The HD series is a light commercial product that is manufactured by Cyclovac. Since the HD units are custom units, they can be made to have either two or three stage motors, the single motors are also larger in diameter for greater air flow or water lift.
Commercial Central Vacuum - Parallel specialty central vacuums Light Commercial Unit

Custom Vacuum Application

The unique part about the HD units is they are motor only, so they can be combined into 1-2 or even 3 units in a row to create “custom vacuum application”. These units must be attached to separators, since they don’t have any capacity for filtration of dirt. The warranties are the best in the industry, 950 hours (these units feature an LCD display which counts the hours of motor usage) of run time or 15 years; which ever comes first!

HD Unit

Another great option with these units is separating the vacuum unit from the separator, so they main HD unit could go into a mechanical area for noise, and then the dirt receptacle can (separator) go into another area for easy disposal of dirt.

Commercial Central Vacuum - HD Light Commercial Unit

Wet/Dry Separator System

If you want the option of extracting liquids or regular debris in your home-office-restaurant then this a great option!

Commercial Central Vacuum - Wave

Extract Liquids & Regular Debris

It will hold up to 6.1 gallons of liquid waste, and then it will automatically flush into your drainage system. It works the best with our HD Cyclovac central vacuums or any other brand that is well-equipped with powerful motors.

The Wave

The WAVE is a fully automatic, self cleaning and self flushing system. It hooks up to a central vacuum system to get its suction and you need a regular water supply and then that’s it! If you want to clean your carpets, floors or any other solid surface, invest in the Wave!

Commercial Central Vacuum - HD Light Commercial Unit