If you have or work in a business where you vacuum up a lot of hair or pick up a lot of debris maybe you should invest in a separator to work with your central vacuum?

A SEPARATOR is device that is used with your central vacuum that collects all the debris befores it goes into the main vacuum unit. This way the “separator” can be emptied without the disposal of filter bags, and it is much easier for maintenance. Another great feature with a separtor is the vacuum unit can be separate from the separator, so if you wanted the separator in the mechanical room, and the vacuum unit in another area this can be achieved. This is ideal if your are looking to keep noise levels at a minium in a different area of your building and a dirt receptacale in another.

For this application the owner wanted the ability to dump out anything that might have been accidently vacuumed up, the 2nd receptacle has a high efficiency bag and the two vacuum units are on top-(2) HD8001