Oreck CC HEPA vs. Oreck CC regular bag?

Why buy Oreck CC HEPA bags vs. Oreck CC paper bags?

  • People that use HEPA bags are more concerned with indoor air quality.
  • A person that buys HEPA bags has a cleaner vacuum
  • The person that buys regular paper CC Oreck bags may be a cleaning person?
  • Why does HEPA bags cost so much?

Oreck HEPA bags will filter the dust, dirt & pet dander better that a paper bag. In fact HEPA, which stands for High Efficient Particulate Arrest with capture up to 99.97% of dust & dirt. A regular Oreck CC bag will hold the dirt, but because of the suction of the vacuum it will transfer much of the dust through the vacuum and back into the air. Check out this article about indoor air quality

Oreck HEPA bags will keep your vacuum motor cleaner longer. If it keeps your vacuum motor cleaner and the vacuums exterior bag, your vacuum should work better longer.

Cleaning people many times will use regular CC Oreck bags since they clean a lot of homes and will end up using a lot more bags. Since they get paid by the job, it makes more sense to them to use a cheaper bag. If they were cleaning my home, I would want them to use a HEPA bag, since I don\’t want my neightbors dirt in my house.

The cost of HEPA vs. regular bags,  the regular CC paper bag (left picture) is much cheaper in price and quality. It costs about $2 more bag for HEPA bags. Comparing the quality of the bag though, there are 5 layers to a HEPA bag and only 1 layer to a paper bag. Since most people change their vacuum bags about 3-4 X a year it should really be less of a cost issue vs. having a cleaner home with less dust and a vacuum that will perform better longer.