(1) set of 2 genuine carbon dust filters for Cyclo Vac central vacuum. Designed to capture the fine black dust produced by the motor, which would normally be deposited on surfaces surrounding the central vacuum unit.

Fits models:
E-315, E-2010, DL-710, DL-715, DL-2015, GS-300, GS-310, GS-700, GS-710, GX-2010, GS-2010, GX-300, GX-500, GX-700, GX-900, GX5010, GX-7010, GX-710, H-2015, HX-615, HX-715, H-715, H-725, HX-725 HX-7515, HX-7525, HD-7525

Also fits HD commercial models:

HD800, HD801, HD820 models

Cyclovac carbon filter set-TDFILHEC2

Cyclovac carbon filter set-TDFILHEC2


Set of 2 carbon dust filters for Cyclovac central vacuum.

The filter captures the fine black dust that is exhausted by the vacuum motor. This will keep your walls and surrounding areas cleaner and healthier. These can be also be purchased in your vacuum bags kits.

Change the carbon filter every 45 hours of use or as filter becomes black.


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