This kit includes 3 heavy-duty electrostatic filter bags. These filter bags are double-sewn to make them stronger.

Fits Cyclovac models: H-615, H-715, H-725, GS-310, HX-615

These bags will also fit Riccar central vacuum unit models:

  • RCU-H3, RCU-H5, RCU-H7, RCU-H9 and RCU-H11
  • RPU-B20, RPU-B2, RPU-BF40, RPU-B4, RPU-BF60, RPU-B6 and RPU-BF100*
  • RPU-BF20, RPU-BF40, RPU-BF60, RPU-BF100*

Cyclovac genuine filter bags-TDSAC93C


Cyclovac genuine filter bags-TDSAC93C

This package includes (3) heavy-duty electrostatic genuine filter bags. These 3 notches bags are double-sewn to make them stronger. If your Cyclovac central vacuum does not have a carbon filter, then these are your bags!

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