HEPA type self-cleaning filter for Cyclo Vac central vacuums. This permanent filter is made with a special material that offers a 99.5% filtration efficiency with particles of a diameter as small as 0.3 µm, so that you benefit from cleaner ambient air at all times. When you use your hybrid vacuum unit without a bag, this filter ensures optimal filtration and protection of the motor.

The 11″ tambourine filter is suitable for the GS series, H series and Constructor model, except the GS75, GS115, GS615, GS715 and GS2015 models.

Cyclovac HEPA tambourine filter 11″

Cyclovac HEPA tambourine filter 11″


  • This is a replacment part for your Cyclovac central vacuum
  • Tambourine filter
  • 99.5% filtration efficiency at 0.3µm

This tambourine filter helps prevent dirt and debris from getting into your motor



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