Model: TABABC6115

  • Width of 14.2″
  • Quick-connect swivel neck
  • LED headlight
  • 5 height adjustment
  • 3-year warranty
  • The wand is not included

Electric Airstream power nozzle

This is a deluxe Airstream electric power nozzle to be used for a central vacuum system. It has a low profile with 5 height settings on the nozzle and automatic shut off to protect the belt from breaking. Its low profile is great for getting underneath furniture and beds. It also has a wiper bland on the bottom of the power nozzle which helps push the carpet fiber up for better cleaning. The Airstream nozzle can be used on bare floor applications with a 2 switch hose, so you can go right from carpet to bare floors without changing attachments. This Airstream also has a quick-disconnect feature which allows you to disconnect the wand from the power nozzle in case you want to quickly clean into tight corners. The powerful LED light on the nozzle is very helpful when cleaning in darker areas or underneath cabinets.


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