• The Riccar Fur-Get-It upholstery tool cleans pet hair from surfaces unlike any other upholstery attachment on the market. s long as you have cute, furry pets, you’re sure to find pet har all over your home. The couch, beds, your clothes, but fear pet hair no longer. The Fur-Get-It pet hair remover is Riccars answer to that pesky pet hair.
  • The underside of this attachment is lined with felt and a rubber squeegee, which both whisk pet hair away. The best part? This tool can also clean itself! We love this attachment for stairs, cars, and any uphosltered surface– including pet beds!
  • This attachment fits any Riccar upright with tools (Vibrance, Brilliance, Radiance) and on most canisters, excluding the Prima. This attachemtn measures 4-7/8 inches wide by 8 inches tall by 2-1/8 inches deep. This is a genuine Riccar attachment.


Riccar Fur-Get-It Pet Hair Remover Upholstery Tool

Fur-Get-It easily attaches to your Riccar Vacuum wand. You can grab pet hair from the floor and furniture without bending over!

Between the squeegee and patented felt cylinder, you’ll capture all evidence of shedding. Fur-Get-It won’t miss a strand!

As the Fur-Get-It whisks pet hair, the vacuum sucks it up. It’s self-cleaning so you never have to worry about the tangled messes.

The Riccar Fur-Get-It Pet Attachment Fits:

  • Any Riccar upright with tools
  • Vibrance
  • Brilliance
  • Radiance
  • Most canisters–excluding Prima models.

This attachment measures 4-7/8 inches wide by 8 inches tall by 2-1/8 inches deep.


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