The Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter instantly removes pet hair from furniture, carpet, clothing & bedding, even more effective than a vacuum or lint brush. This pet hair lifter is a reusable sponge that instantly removes pet hair without leaving any residue and can be used over and over again for repeated use. The Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter is the most effective product on the market for instantly removing fine dog, cat &/or horse hair from clothing, upholstery, drapes, bedding, carpet, automobile interiors & more! The environmentally safe pet hair lifter also cleans dust and dirt from window screens, cleans dust from baseboards and vents, cleans auto interiors, & cleans drapes and blinds. In just one simple swipe, the revolutionary Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter cleans dust, dirt & pollen, as well as TV’s, computer screens, lampshades, books & acoustic tiles. This phosphate-free pet hair lifter is made with all natural materials and wipes anything clean without water to deliver a noticeable clean home. Watch pet hair disappear with this unique, all-natural & “ready-to-use” product that reveals the fresh, natural, clean look in your home & makes the Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter an essential for everyday treatment. ABOUT US When life has you in stinky situations, you can count on us to create an environment of clean and odor free air with no residue. Gonzo Natural Magic will eliminate persistent odors and get rid of all pet hair in all areas inside or outside of your home, leaving a naturally clean environment. We don’t just mask odors, but instead we effectively eliminate odors at the source. Gonzo Natural Magic products are an easy and effective way to safely keep all areas of your home brilliantly fresh and clean.

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

Remove Dog, Cat and Other Pet Hair from Furniture, Carpet, Bedding and Clothing – 1 Sponge

  • Revive – Instantly and safely destroy the collection of pet hair from any surface your home.
  • Restore – The revolutionary, easy to use pet hair lifter will wipe anything clean without water.
  • Convenient – Made with all-natural materials that effectively cleans without leaving any residue.


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