This Triflex PRO model is lightweight under 8 lb’s. You can easily detach the “PowerUnit” a.k.a. the motor with its handle to tackle stairs and take it to your car. At 4 lb’s weight you can even trust your children to give you a hand with the daily chores.

A vacuum cleaner is usually the most noisy appliance in your home. Miele prides itself for making the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market.

The Miele Triflex PRO comes with 2 batteries. Each with the stamina to handle 60 minutes of housework on your behalf. Lifetime, washable HEPA filter is ideal for families who need to be careful about allergies and asthma.

This vacuum cleaner gets a lot of attention from our customers due to its elegant design. As an example, this cordless vacuum can stand up on its own which is not the case with other competitors such as Shark and Dyson.


Miele TriFlex stick vacuum

Miele TriFlex stick vacuum

3-in-1 Configuration

All Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuums are built to give you ultimate convenience. You can use the Triflex in 3 different configurations based on your needs. Most people appreciate that this cordless vacuum can stand on its own. The vacuum motor (i.e. PowerUnit) can be removed to clean stairs or your car with ease.


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