• 1 layer of filtration traps 95% of particles at 5.0 microns or greater
  • Extra-large capacity: holds up to 4x the amount of dust, dirt and debris of a typical bagless vacuum. For optimal performance, change filtration bag when maximum fill line is reached.
  • Anti-microbial coating on the paper reduces on-filter odor
  • Compatible with the new Oreck ELEVATE Upright Vacuum Collection & all Oreck vacuums with docking systems.
  • Package contains 8, 25, or 50 Oreck CC type bags

What is the difference between HEPA or paper Oreck bags?

If you would rather purchase Oreck HEPA bags, click here!

Oreck was one of the first companies to use info-mericals to sell vacuums direct to the consumer back in the ’80’s.

David Oreck was an expert at marketing to the mass, before marketing was a popular thing. He advertised on TV, Radio, billboards and all direct mail campaigns, he was a pioneer as a marketer and even better at designing vacuums.

He had one of the lightest vacuums at the time, the 8lb vacuum. Most homeowners were convinced that you needed a “heavy vacuum” in order to clean a home, David Oreck cleared all that up! His vacuums could even suck up bowling bowls with a special suction tube that they designed. When it was all said and done, the Oreck vacuum was one of the most popular and powerful lightweight uprights on the market for a relative low price.

Today the Oreck product is still manufactured and sold on-line and in Orecks stores today. It is still a similiar looking product, but it doesn’t resemble the quality that they started with. Oreck makes another version that is sold in department stores which is a red color. This red version is not the same product that David Oreck made years ago. The Oreck vacuum is a relative easy vacuum to work on and most vacuum shops can do the repairs and since  the machine hasn’t changed much in 40 years there are many parts still available to service them.

Oreck bags

Oreck bags

This video on YouTube will help most customers understand the difference between regular paper Oreck bags vs the Oreck HEPA version (purple)

These Oreck bags will fit all Oreck’s that have the bag docking system (cardboard top)

Including: XL series, 2000, 3000, 4000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series upright vacuums.

8, 25, or 50  bags to a package (choose below)



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