Use only genuine Oreck HEPA bags to help insure the longevity of your Oreck vacuum.

With 5 Layers of HEPA Media fiItration that helps trap at least 99 97% of even non-visible particles at 3 microns. SaniSeal System automatically locks in allergens dirt & debris upon disposal significantly reducing the “dust puff” created by other vacuums. Extra-large capacity Oreck HEPA bags holds up to 4x the amount of dust dirt and debris of a typical bagless vacuum. For optimal performance change filtration bag when maximum fill line is reached. Perfect for users with allergy problems in their home & for pet owners. Compatible with the new Oreck ELEVATE Upright Vacuum Collection & all Oreck vacuums with docking systems to ensure optimal filtration & cleaning.

Ultimately what is the difference if I buy regular Oreck bags or Oreck HEPA bags?

The HEPA bags will be thicker and more “heavy duty” like since it contains more material. The material inside ( like fine tissue paper) the purple bag will catch finer material that the regular Oreck bag didn’t. The difference is going to be less dust in your home and less airbourne particules in the air and that you could breath. Another benefit of the HEPA bag would be cleaner vacuum, sounds crazy but its true. Since the vacuum picks up dirt and then the air moves through the vacuum motor, your vacuum motor could last you longer!

Regular Oreck bags

Simliar to the HEPA version except less material on the inside. Similiar to the old “grocery bags” from the grocery store. It will definately hold your groceries.


The HEPA bags will cost you more than the regular Oreck bags. They will both hold the same about of dirt though!

What is the difference between HEPA or paper Oreck bags?

WORKS WITH: All Oreck vacuum cleaners with *docking systems.

*Docking system means, that you slide the cardboard piece that is attached to the bag onto a plastic sleeve where the bag ultimately rests.


Oreck HEPA bags

  • Oreck HEPA bags
  • HEPA MEDIA FILTRATIONS: 5 layers trap 99.97 percent dirt, dust and debris down to 0.3 microns
  • SANISEAL SYSTEM: Automatically locks in allergens, dirt and debris upon disposal, significantly reducing the dust puff created by other vacuums
  • XL CAPACITY: Holds 4x the amount of dust, dirt and debris
  • WORKS WITH: All Oreck vacuum cleaners with docking systems
  • Oreck bag comparison on youtube



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