Oreck CC HEPA 30 pack with 5 Layers of HEPA Media filtration that helps trap at least 99 97% of even non-visible particles at 3 microns. SaniSeal System automatically locks in allergens dirt & debris upon disposal significantly reducing the “dust puff” created by other vacuums. Extra-large capacity holds up to 4x the amount of dust dirt and debris of a typical bagless vacuum. For optimal performance change filtration bag when maximum fill line is reached. Perfect for users with allergy problems in their home & for pet owners. The Oreck CC HEPA 30 pack is compatible with the new Oreck ELEVATE Upright Vacuum Collection & all Oreck vacuums with docking systems to ensure optimal filtration & cleaning.

Oreck CC HEPA 30 pack

Oreck CC HEPA 30 Pack

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  • HEPA MEDIA FILTRATIONS: 5 layers trap 99.97 percent dirt, dust and debris down to 0.3 microns
  • SANISEAL SYSTEM: Automatically locks in allergens, dirt and debris upon disposal, significantly reducing the dust puff created by other vacuums
  • XL CAPACITY: Holds 4x the amount of dust, dirt and debris
  • WORKS WITH: All Oreck vacuum cleaners with docking systems

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