• When ordering these bags, they come as a 3-pack and 1 carbon filter.
  • We have the right to substitute with the same type of bags, different name: Example: Cyclovac bags part #TDSAC83C
  • Riccar disposable central vacuum bags are designed to capture and retain dirt, dust & debris before it goes through your vacuum motor. When using high quality, heavy duty HEPA type bags it will keep your motor cleaner and thus make it last longer and have stronger suction power.
  • Your Riccar disposable central vacuum bags will need to be changed 1 to 2x per year. The bag size is 4.5 to 5 gallon in size, however when vacuuming up fine dust particles or even dog hair it might fill up sooner and could reduce suction power due to restrictions of air flow (depending upon your Riccar model).
  • When changing your Riccar disposable central vacuum bag, peel back the yellow sticky tab and adhere to the cardboard in order to reduce dust becoming airbourne.
  • This Riccar disposable central vacuum bags will fit all Riccar models from 2005 to present day. If your Riccar central vacuum has a “white carbon filter” on the outside of the unit, you will need to purchase a different style since it takes a larger bag and comes with a carbon filter.


Riccar central vacuum bags H7

Riccar central vacuum bag H7

To make purchasing bags easier, Riccar central vacuums has two different size tanks in “diameter”. The diameter (width of tank) is either 11″ or 14″. Regular size or larger size, regular size is part #TDSAC53C, larger size is part# TDSAC93C.

If you have the H7 version, part # TDSAC93C is your size.

Which Riccar bags do I need?


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