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Riccar Vacuum – Made in the USA

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Midwest Vacuums is a proud dealer for Riccar vacuum and Riccar vacuum accessories.

Midwest Vacuums is a proud supplier of Riccar vacuum and Riccar vacuum accessories. We have a great selection of Riccar vacuums in our Kansas City area stores. We can also place a special order for any Riccar product.

Riccar Vacuum – Made in the USA

Riccar upright vacuums and canister vacuums are made in the USA. Riccar is unique because unlike companies who have moved factories overseas, Riccar moved its vacuum factory to the USA. In 1997, after sourcing Riccar vacuum in Taiwan for 10 years, the Tacony Corporation opened its own factory in St. James, MO and began manufacturing upright vacuum cleaners.

In 2009, Riccar began producing canister vacuums in the USA (instead of sourcing them from China and Korea.) Riccar is a company proud to create American jobs. The company strives to create long-lasting vacuums with US labor.

Riccar vacuum advantages

Riccar vacuum offer great advantages for those looking for a durable appliance, and a long-lasting vacuum. Some of Riccar’s greatest features include:

  • The upright vacuums and canister vacuums are made in the USA. (St. James, MO)
  • Riccar vacuums have various price points – you can buy a Riccar vacuum for less than other popular vacuums that are seen on tv, but get more value for the money.
  • Sealed HEPA filtration systems in several of the vacuums.
  • Riccar has great customer service from the factory and they have parts available for even the oldest vacuums.
  • The warranties range from 3-6 years.
  • Riccar’s Red Carpet Service – This means you get a free vacuum “service” on some of their most popular vacuums at no cost to you!

Riccar’s Red Carpet Service Plan

Riccar offers a “Red Carpet Service Plan” for those who purchase the “Radiance” vacuum line. This service plan allows you to get your vacuumed serviced, filters replaced, brushes cleaned, etc at no charge for the first few years. You can get your vacuum serviced several times at no charge to you. Riccar covers any servicing and cleaning done to the vacuum. Midwest Vacuums partners with Riccar and can clean and service each vacuum. This comes to no cost to you as the Riccar vacuum owner.

Riccar products at Midwest Vacuums

At Midwest Vacuums, we have several Riccar upright vacuums and Riccar canister vacuums on our showroom floor. We also offer Riccar light-weight vacuum options.

Come into one of our showrooms to test the vacuums for yourself and see if a Riccar is right for you.

We can order any make and model of vacuum for you from either of our two Kansas City area locations.

Riccar vacuum accessories

In addition to the vacuums, we sell all vacuum accessories for Riccar vacuum. This includes Riccar vacuum bags, Riccar vacuum belts, Riccar vacuum extensions and more.