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We service and repairs all brands of vacuums, central vacuums and sewing machines. We offer in home service calls, in home pick up and delivery options.

Service and Repairs Vacuums Repair

Vacuum Repair

We service all makes and models of vacuum cleaners including; Dyson, Shark, Eureka, Hoover, Bissell, Airway, Electrolux, Kirby, Rainbow, Dirt Devil, Filter Queen, Kenmore, Miele, Sebo, Riccar, Simplicity, Royal, Panasonic, Oreck and Aerus.

Service and Repairs Central Repair

Central Vacuum Repair

Midwest Vacuum has been in the central vacuum business for over 15 years. We have installed and serviced well over 3,000 central vacuum power units in that period of time. We design and install for the most respected builders in the Kansas City area.

Dyson Vacuum Repair

Midwest Vacuums is your local service center. If your Dyson isn’t working property or needs serviced, bring it to any of our locations. Our team works directly with Dyson to perform the maintenance you need. We can order Dyson parts if your vacuum needs repair. Once we receive your Dyson parts, we can fix your vacuum and perform a thorough service of the motor, canister, filters and other vacuum parts.

Need Help Fixing your Dyson? Contact us today, or just bring your vacuum into our store.

Repairing Bagless Vacuums

It’s critical to perform regular maintenance on a bagless vacuum. On a bagless vacuums, if you do not maintain it, you will spend more money fixing the vacuum cleaner. Because the dirt and dust is housed within a canister and not a removable bag, the dust will get into the motor and cause damage.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaning Service – Washing Out Canisters

Once a quarter, all bagless vacuum cleaners must be stripped down and washed; then set out to dry for 24 hours. Midwest Vacuums performs this service for you. Because bagless vacuums have a canister that collects dust and dirt, those particles easily get caught in the vacuum motor, brushroll and other vacuum spots. We take your vacuum, clear all of the air paths, clean out the brush roll and have your vacuum looking new.

Even if you did not purchase your vacuum cleaner from our vacuum store, we are still able to help repair your vacuum and restore it by cleaning the canisters and replacing any worn vacuum parts.

Repairing Vacuums with Bags

Midwest Vacuums performs regular maintenance on bagged vacuum cleaners too. We offer our same cleaning service for bagged vacuum cleaners, too. We will clean out every part of your vacuum and provide you with a fresh vacuum bag upon cleaning. If your vacuum has a HEPA filter, we’ll recommend replacement (every 18-24 mo.) so that you get the optimal clean from your vacuum.

Contact us if you need to find a replacement bag for your vacuum. We carry each make and model of vacuums and vacuum bags, and can get you the vacuum bag you need.


Diagnosing common Vacuum Repair problems

Bagged vacuums have the same types of repair needs as bagless vacuums. We’ll inspect the motor, brush roll, power cord and airways. We’re experts at diagnosing common vacuum cleaner repair needs, and identifying how to get the vacuum working well again. We know how to fix easy problems like:

If your vacuum has suction but isn’t picking up anything, we’ll check your agitation and suction.

If your vacuum suction is too hard (it sucks all the way down to the floor), we’ll find out how to repair the suction so that dirt won’t continue being driven down into your floor.

Our experience is un-matched, and we can help repair your small appliance. Contact us today and let us know how we can help repair your vacuum!

Central Vacuum Repair/Service

Midwest Vacuums/Erv’s Vacuums is your go-to store in the Kansas City area for central vacuum systems. Our team can not only install a central vacuum system, but we’re also skilled in repairing any central vacuum system in the home.

Central vacuum service call for central vacuum repairs

Inspecting your Central Vacuum for Repair

If you are having problems with your central vacuum system, unhook the pipe, remove it from the bracket and bring the canister into any one of our convenient locations or simply call us to arrange a service call. Our team will perform a free inspection and fault diagnosis.


If you’d like for us to visit your home and inspect your central vacuum, call us to schedule an appointment for a minimal charge.

Common Central Vacuum Repairs

As experts in central vacuums, we can repair all brands of Central vacuum systems, and know how to quickly diagnose and fix typical repairs. Generally the motor of the circuit board is causing problems. Our team of experts will service your central vacuum system and get it up and running again in no time.