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Midwest Vacuum has been in the central vacuum business for over 15 years.

We have installed and serviced well over 3,000 central vacuum power units in that period of time. We design and install for the most respected remodelers & builders in the greater Kansas City area. We also offer installation kits for the “do-it” yourself projects.

We offer in-home service calls for the Greater Kansas City area including; Raymore, Belton, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Independence, Kansas City, Shawnee, Shawnee Mission, Parkville, North Kansas City, Liberty, Eudora, Overland Park, Olathe, Lawrence, Bonner Springs, Lenexa.

We service all central vacuum models and accessories including; Cyclo Vac, Beam, Nutone, Hoover, MD, Modern Day, Riccar, Simplicty, Husky, Vacuflo, Element, Hayden, Power Star, Valet, Vacumaid, Astrovac, Canavac, Honeywell.

Most central vacuums problems come down to three things:

  • Low suction or no power with the vacuum power unit
  • Hose and accessories will not turn on or turns on and off
  • Vacuum piping seems to be clogged or disconnected

If this is the case, call us to set up a service call or come into one of our retail locations.

Common questions asked:

Try unplugging the vacuum from the wall and then replugging it back in. If that doesn’t work it could be a faulty motor or relay board. Call us and we can schedule you for a service call.
Try changing the filter bag or cleaning the filter on the power unit, if it has one. It could also be a clog in the vacuum tubing, if so our trained service mechanic can help with the problem.
We have a large selection of parts and cleaning accessories on our mobile central vacuum van. If not, you can come into our Lee’s Summit or Lawrence retail vacuum store and try them out.
Sometimes the central vacuum hose is the problem, they have wires in the hose and they become kinked and lose contact after many years of use. You will need to replace the hose, they normally come in 30 & 35 ft lengths hoses. If you notice it turning on and then off it is normally the hose. If it works in some outlets when plugged in and not in others, it could be a bad inlet cover that needs to be replaced.

If this is the case change the filter bag or dump the canister, if this solves the problem-ok. If not, your carbon brushes in your vacuum motor canister could be worn down and it would be time to think about a new motor or power unit. It could also be a clog in the line, which is making it work harder than it should and if it is a “vented” unit, maybe the vent cover is blocked on the outside of the house and its not allowing for the hot air to pass?

Sometimes the company that installed the vacuum system didn’t correctly measure or they didn’t take into account for furniture. Either way, we do sell extension hoses so you could add on to your hose to help cover more area or you could purchase a new longer hose.
Yes and no, you can purchase a muffler for it, it will attach directly on the exhaust area and that will bring the decibel level down by at least by 5. Sometimes the old systems were just loud and noisy. The newer Cyclovac models today are very quiet and efficient.
Most of the time the answer is no, all the plumbing pipe is universal most anything can be used, such as different accessories or power units. The central vacuum pipe is all 2’’ which is pretty much standard. With this being said, back in the 1960’s, they used a smaller diameter gray looking pipe which is less than 2’’ in size, but there are adapters for that to be converted to 2’’.

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Contact us to set up a service call, or come visit one of our retail locations!