Expedited delivery or service

delivery or service

Expedited delivery

Expedited delivery

If you would like to have your vacuum serviced and you would like to have it picked up or for delivery, we can do that!

  • We charge $14.95 each way for this pickup service.
  • The transaction needs to paid for in advance and the vacuum will be delivered within 72 hours of completion for this service.
  • We only deliver and pickup within a 5 miles radius of our business. if you live outside this radius it would be an additional $10 per 5 miles.
  • We will deliver your vacuum to your front door or rear door only. We are not responsible for any theft or vandalisim.
Expedited delivery

Expedited service

If you would like to “jump” the service line and get your vacuum “next in line” to be serviced.

  • We do offer a jump the line option for an additional $25 fee.
  • With this option your vacuum will be repaired within 72 hours of receipt, unless your vacuum needs special or uncommon parts that need to be ordered.
  • You will still be charged the $25 fee while we are waiting for your parts to be received.
Expedited delivery

Loaner vacuums

We offer loaner vacuums for customers that have purchased vacuums from us only.

  • We have a limited supply of loaners and require a $100 deposit for this while your vacuum is being serviced.
  • Once your vacuum is serviced we kindly expect the loaner to be returned in same condition it was loaned out in.