Sewing Machine Service

Sewing machines are very similar to other mechanical devices, they need to be serviced.

Sewing machines should be oiled, cleaned, tensions set, and general service every year. Mark your calendars once a year and ensure your investment by getting an annual sewing machine tune-up.

Service Rates

Upon check in for repair or service, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit.


Basic machine fix -$79.95 + parts

Basic means fixing the problem only.


Premium Service/Tune up– $149.95 + parts

Premium is fixing the problem along with a tension balance, cleaning, adjustment checks, oiling and testing.


Long arm, Serger, industrial, computerized machines & multi-needle service– $199.95 + parts

Same process as premium.


Gear Jobs-$224.95


We are an authorized service and sales center for: Brother Industries

We service all sewing machines including: Brother, Bernina, Elna, Janome, Necchi, Pfaff, Singer, White, Davis, Leader, National, Sewmor. SVP, Husqvarna, Toyota, and Union.

Common questions asked:


What does it cost  if my sewing machine is broke and will not operate: Basic service starts at $79.95

Do you offer pick-up and delivery on sewing machines?

Most customers bring in their sewing machines for service/repair, but we can accommodate and coordinate a pickup.

Do you charge for pick-up and delivery on sewing machines?

Yes, the fee will depend upon the distance to travel and complexity of the product to bring in.

How much experience do you have at servicing sewing machines?

Our master repair tech for the sewing machines has over 40 years’ experience.

How long does it take to have a sewing machine serviced or repaired?

80% of the time it will be serviced and returned in about one to two weeks. Depending on the age & circumstances of the machine it could take longer if we need to order parts. Also, if it’s a machine that is difficult to source parts for it could take longer.

What if I have you service my sewing machine and then I decide to trade it in on a newer one?

If you decide to buy a new sewing machine before it gets serviced, we will not charge you for the service. We offer trade-ins if it makes sense for all parties involved.

Is your company competitive with repair rates and buying new sewing machines?

Yes. We believe the time and dedication it takes to employ a dedicated sewing machine technician warrants the rates that we offer. The new product pricing are all regulated by the manufacturer, so that ensures a level pricing for all customers.

What is the warranty if you service my sewing machine?

If we fix your sewing machine or service it the labor is warrantied for 60 days, the parts are only warrantied by the manufacturer.