Sewing Machines Service

Don’t wait until a huge project is underway before you decide it’s time to get your sewing machine tuned up! Many people forget that their sewing machine, if you’re an avid sewer, should have an annual tune-up… just like changing the oil in your car.

Sewing machines should be oiled, cleaned, tensions set, and general service every year. Mark your calendars once a year and ensure your investment by getting an annual sewing machine tune-up.


Our general tune up on sewing machines is $119.95

We are an authorized service and sales center for: Brother Industries

We service all sewing machines including: Brother, Bernina, Elna, Janome, Necchi, Pfaff, Singer, White, Davis, Leader, National, Sewmor. SVP, Husqvarna, Toyota, and Union.

Common questions asked:

What does it cost for a service on a sewing machine: Basic service starts at $119.95

Do you offer pick-up and delivery on sewing machines?

Most customers bring in their sewing machines for service/repair, but we can accommodate and coordinate a pickup.

Do you charge for pick-up and delivery on sewing machines?

Yes, the fee will depend upon the distance to travel and complexity of the product to bring in.

How much experience do you have at servicing sewing machines?

Our master repair tech for the sewing machines has over 40 years’ experience and our repair tech that was hired in February 2018 has been doing their apprenticeship with the master repair tech.

How long does it take to have a sewing machine serviced or repaired?

95% of the time it will be serviced and returned within the week. Depending on the age of the machine if we don’t have parts in stock then it could take 2 weeks. Also if it’s a machine that is difficult to source parts for it could take longer.

What if I have you service my sewing machine and then decide to trade it in on a newer one?

We offer trade-ins on our newer sewing machine models however sometimes customers decide to donate their old machine to an after school program and take the tax write off or give their old machine to a relative or even keep for a back-up.

Is your company competitive with repair rates and buying new sewing machines?

Yes. We believe it takes us less time to service your product and that way we can keep a repair person busy and fully engaged. The new product pricing are all regulated by the manufacturer, so that ensures a level pricing for all customers.