Vacuum Service and Repair


We are the authorized service center for your Kirby, Simplicity, Riccar, Miele, Cyclovac and Sebo vacuums. We also stock replacement parts for the popular Oreck vacuum’s and Kirby’s.

We service all makes and models of vacuum cleaners including; Dyson, Shark, Eureka, Hoover, Bissell, Airway, Electrolux, Kirby, Rainbow, Dirt Devil, Filter Queen, Kenmore, Miele, Sebo, Riccar, Simplicity, Royal, Panasonic, Oreck, and Aerus.

We are an authorized warranty center for Kirby, Miele, Riccar, Simplicity, Sebo and Cyclovac. We have been trained by all the major vacuum distributors to help ensure your vacuum has the genuine parts that are available for your vacuum cleaner repair.

Common questions asked:

Most repairs involve, replacing a stretched belt, installing a new fan or roller brush. Some vacuum repairs require a complete teardown or a re-build. If you need a basic repair or more detailed tune-up we have the experience and the know how to get it serviced.

Generally, it takes 3-4 business days for a basic repair and sometimes a week for a tune-up, depending upon the age of the vacuum and the problems with the vacuum. Some vacuums take longer since the parts aren’t readily available for older models. The big box store vacuums are sometimes more complex to repair as the big box story philosophy is to sell it cheap so you’ll keep buying them and since the price is low you just throw it into the landfill and buy another one. No matter if it is inexpensive or premium vacuum we will do our best to get your vacuum working again if this is the vacuum you love.

All the non-electronical parts are warrantied for 30 days. Satisfaction is key in our business so if there is a problem we want to work with you to make you a happy customers.

We are a first come first serve. We do have a Platinum plan that our customers purchase when they invest in a new vacuum with us that does give them priority service if they should bring their machine in. All the vacuums are checked in and model numbers are entered on tickets so we can assure no vacuums are getting mixed up in the back. You are given a printed ticket when you leave and one ticket is then tagged with your machine.

If you purchased your vacuum from us and if there is a loaner available there is no charge for the loaner. If you don’t have one of our vacuums we do offer a loaner vacuum, should you need one, for $10 a day.

It really depends on what parts are needed and how much time it takes to service your vacuum. Our lowest service starts at $24.95 and goes to $129.95. Generally the more well-built vacuums cost less to fix and the more inexpensive ones cost more, it seems it would be the opposite? The more expensive ones can be easier to take apart and get parts for while the inexpensive ones are harder to get parts for and are more complicated to tear down and fix.

The videos below pertain to the most common question that we get from our customers:

Most Common Question that we get from our customers

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