Cyclo-UV air purifier


How does the portable air purifier clean the air?

  • It has one filter which contains three sections of filters: prefilter, an activated carbon filter and a high performance HEPA -H13 filter.
    • The pre-filter-works on your larger airborne particles.
    • The activated carbon filter traps your indoor odors.
    • The HEPA filter works for all particles, which would filter up to 99.75% of the air.
  • The ultraviolet light (UVC) will attack the microorganisms at the molecular level, deactivating
    and destroying viruses that are in the air.
  • The negative ionization option would further purify the air by electrically charging the air molecules. Thus, the
    ions capture the microparticles that the filters cannot capture. A complementary action to HEPA filters
    which makes the air even healthier.

This product operates very quietly and is ideal for any areas where people will be in close proximity. This also comes with built in WiFi and can be operated from your smart phone.


Rated up to 1,500 cubic sq. ft.

Dimensions: L-16″x W-11″x H-26″ weight 12.7 LBS

4 manual fan levels • Turbo mode • With automatic function to adjust the cleaning performance to the ambiant air • Timer function (1-24h) • With an air flow rate up to 206 CFM • Replaceable filter with filter change indicator • Displays the timer, temperature and relative humidity • 2 year warranty