Cyclovac cyclo filter set-TDFICY22



Please notice-this is a two-piece set, you will need to pull off the outer layer and the inner shell.
At first glance it might not appear that it is removable. This is the filter that keeps the fine dust out of your motor. If you don’t regularly change this two piece set you will reduce your suction power and limit your motor life.


Anti-clogging filter and Cyclo-filter kit for Cyclovac central vacuum cleaners.

The anti-clogging filter is a pre-filter that catches fine dust particles and protects the vacuum motor. This filter should be replaced or cleaned once a year to ensure optimal performance. The Cyclo-filters are treated with an anti-microbial treatment that will help prevent the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria, while it captures microparticles and protects the motor.
Fits model E series (your model name will in the front of the unit). It will probably be a E-101, E-105, E-315
For model DL: use part # TDFICY21 (14″ wide tank body).

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