Kirby Genuine HEPA bags


This package of Kirby Genuine HEPA bags is a 6-pack and comes with 1 Kirby belt included- (online purchase only)

This fits the Universal Style F & Twist style models

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The Kirby Allergen Reduction Filter Bag is the most popular of all our Kirby bags. Every single one of our Kirby bags reduces common household dust, pollen and other particles. The electrostatically charged material traps particle matter after it is picked up from your floor. This keeps dirt and dust inside your Kirby vacuum bag and not in the air around your home.

  • Fits both F-Style and Twist-Style adapters
Works with: G4, G5, Gsix, Ultimate G, Ultimate G Diamond, Sentria, Sentria II, and Avalir models

For the ultimate filtration, buy Kirby HEPA Filter Bags with MicroAllergen Plus technology!

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