It’s the Season to clean your home!

Vacuum repairs=The holidays

It’s the season when you have the most traffic in your home; the colder weather means you stay inside longer, and the holidays mean more foot traffic in your home.
In order to keep your vacuum repairs at a minimum in this season we recommend the following;

  • Make sure you have extra vacuum bags, so you don\’t over fill the vacuum and break the bag. This could lead to unwanted vacuum repairs.
  • Purchase some extra vacuum belts-You never know when your belt is going to break on your power nozzle. So the next time you come to Midwest Vacuums, purchase some extra vacuum belts for safe keeping! They don\’t cost that much, and they always break just before you have company coming on a Sunday.
  • Vacuum service-typically all vacuum cleaners can be serviced, have your vacuum serviced before they break it costs less money than when they break. A typical vacuum service is when we change the belt, the bag and do a complete tear down on the vacuum and its moving parts. Its also a good time to replace the vacuum power nozzle brush, since they ware down over time and become dull.
  • Extra vacuums-most people have an extra portable vacuum in the house, this is a good time to get them fixed up. You do this in case your primary vacuum breaks, now you have a good second cleaner to use!

FYI- If you purchase real Christmas trees for your home decorations, try to make sure you don’t accidentally clog up your vacuum. We see many clogged vacuums after the x-mas trees come down, so be careful with all those pine needles and tire wraps from all of those presents!

Happy Holidays,

Midwest Vacuum Team