Hoses for Central Vacuums

 Hose’s for central vacuums come in many different lengths:

24v hoses -are low voltage only, meaning that they only turn the vacuum on or off; come in 25-30-35-40 ft. lengths

110/24 hoses are low and high voltage. They are used to turn the vacuum on/off and operate a electric power nozzle and are available in 30 & 35ft lengths

Straight suction hoses-have no switch on the handle, and the vacuum unit starts as soon as the hose is out into the inlet. These hoses typically come in 30 ft. but can be ordered for longer lengths if needed

Hoses like many products or accessories are manufactured from all around the world. We typically recommend using the brands that are North American engineered. The better hoses will have a 360° swivel which prevents it from twisting. It also features a slender and soft ergonomic handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip. The airflow control allows you to manually increase or reduce airflow and the button lock keeps attachments from sliding off and makes them easy to change. They are also have a wider hose diameter of 1  3/8ths and they have a 3-year warranty.



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