Household Central Vacuum Systems

When it comes to household central vacuums there are many different options that you have for your home. Whether it is a new build, a remodeling project or an existing home-we do them all!

When it comes to central vacuum brands, most consumers don’t know good from bad. This is one product that most people have no experience in, since the average system lasts 15 + years. Today we can source products from every corner of the world including; Mexico, China, Slovakia and North America to name a few. The cheaper ones typically are coming from Mexico or China and the more custom ones come from North America. The brand that we have used for the past 10 years is Cyclovac, they are made in North America.

In case you didn’t know?

When it comes to picking out the right SIZE central vacuum;  they are typically rated by square footage, since there are all diffferent sized homes. Think of it as small, medium or large motor units for those size homes.

There are also different types of FILTRATION units; the more common ones are those where you dump out dirt into a garbage can or the more modern ones use a type of “HEPA” bag. Most people today prefer using a HEPA or filter bag, so there is less dirt circulating back into the air.

We also carry DELUXE units or standard/BASIC central vacuums, The main difference’s btween the two are typically going to be the size of actual unit, size of vacuum bag container, length of warranty and some bells & whistles

In order to fully appreciate the options that you have, come into one of our showrooms in Lees Summit and Waldo and try our products for yourself! View the showroom video