Best Vacuum Cleaner Videos

When making major purchases like cars, homes and computers we do our research. We make decisions from people and businesses that can help us make better choices. Why would buying a vacuum be any different? Here are some videos that are great resources of information about vacuums and brands. For further questions, please contact one of our three locations.

Midwest vacuum hello!

Selecting you next upright vacuum!

Dyson vs. Riccar upright comparison

What we like about the Miele canister

How to change your Cyclovac central vacuum filter bag

Using maintenance cloths on your central vacuum system

Trouble shooting your central vacuum with no-suction

Trouble shooting your central vacuum at the unit

Your vacuum cleaner will not work!

Authorized Cyclovac Central Vacuum

Options for cleaning your floors with air driven brushes

Options with floor brushes

Vac pan

Inlet covers option

Power nozzle options for cleaning your floors

Quick clean options-Wally

Options for cleaning your garage

Options for cleaning your home-wool dusters

Sebo vacuums

Commercial vacuum options

Air purifers

Miele vacuum options

Riccar vacuum options

Lampe Berger fragances

My central vacuum doesn't have any suction power?

How the retractable hose sytem works-Hide a Hose

My central vacuum power nozzle doesn't work?

My central vacuum will not shut off?

My central vacuum will not turn on?

My vacuums belt is broken?