Which Cyclo Vac filter bag do I need?

A couple of quick points to help you figure out which Cyclo Vac filter bags you need:

  • Your Cyclo Vac either takes a disposable bag and you have no dirt in the can of the unit or it takes a cloth-like filter and you have to dump out dirt when its full.
  • Find out which central vacuum model you have, the model name is on the front of the central vacuum unit.
  • On your central vacuum bag, there will be a model number on the cardboard tab area.
  • The box that your bags came in will have a model name on it, it normally starts with a “TDSACXXX”

Cyclo Vac disposable bags or Cyclo-filter?

If you purchased your central vacuum in the last 10 years or so, you probably have “throw-away” vacuum bags. If you have an “older” unit and the model starts with a “E” or “DL” you probaly “dump” out your dirt from the can once a year, then you need to order Cyclo-filters


Cyclo Vac central vacuum model

Cyclo Vac identifies its models with labels on the front of the unit, by finding this you can cross-reference to find your type of filters that it uses.
*As an example this a model H-725. This would take product code TDSAC83C, it comes with (3) heavy-duty bags and (1) carbon filter

Your Cyclo Vac central vacuum bag

On your central vacuum bags, it has a square cardboard that is on the top of the vacuum bag. This area will have a product code that would say something like “TDSAC53C”.
You can order bags when you go to this area of the website, order your bags here!

Cyclo Vac

Your Cyclo Vac filter box

On the bottom of the box it will have a product code on it. This will identify which bags your central vacuum uses.
Cyclo Vac

If you own a Riccar central vacuum and you need bags, the same information applies. Look in the order Riccar bags section and we cross-reference the Riccar brand for your convenience.